Fiditalia loan Rejected? 3 Ways to get financing!

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Simple! Request a Free Quote , even if another loan has been refused. Fill out the request form and within a few minutes you will be contacted by one of our consultants to define the details of your request. In a practical and simple way , comfortably from your armchair, you can get a new personal loan . The service is totally free.

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Fiditalia timing: how many days for the outcome?


Image result for waiting for resultDo you need financing and have you asked for a Fiditalia loan quote? Well, now you have to wait for the outcome. But how much time passes from the application to the evaluation of the request?

The timing may vary from practice to practice, but generally it does not take much time to determine whether or not the funding will be approved. Let’s say that in most cases, if it is not a positive result, a few minutes are sufficient or even the outcome will be immediate if we talk about online loan estimates.

The timing of analysis is directly related to the feedback received from the credit databases. In the event that the applicant is a bad payer, in a short time the outcome will be communicated.

If instead the request for funding is successful, here is that the resolution may take a few more days, but in principle it will not take more than 3 or 4 days.

Fiditalia loan refused: main reasons

Financing refused ? Why? The main reasons for refusing funding are often linked to one of the following reasons:

  • Uncensored: those who have never made personal loans
  • taken a few months
  • fixed-term contract
  • too much indebted
  • recently indebted
  • has made other requests for funding in the last 30 days
  • bad payer
  • guarantor of other badly paid loans

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Fiditalia release request

Your funding has been refused and you need the release form. When Fiditalia rejected the loan application, it should have issued a document certifying the non approval of the loan.

This document, received by email if you proceed with an online loan application, has the same value as a release. However, if you had not received anything or if you have not delivered anything (in the case of a request through their branch). you can directly feel the company through Fiditalia contacts (hereinafter the link that will refer you to the Fiditalia contact page).

Fiditalia loan refused: why rely on Globalfin?

Image result for fiditaliaFiditalia loan rejected? Are you a bad payer ?   If employee or pensioner we have the Solution! Thanks to 3 loans, we can positively evaluate your request. Also online you can request a loan quote , free of charge and without obligation.

Here are the 3 solutions that will allow you to get the money you need:

  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment
  • loan changed

One of our clients contacted us by writing: ” hello, I had a refused loan and I asked for a fiditalia loan estimate online , but they too rejected the loan. Are there any other offers? thank you. “

In this case we managed to manage the customer’s request by the fifth of the salary. He had tried to evaluate a preventive assignment of the fifth Fiditalia and the agency to which he had addressed had instructed the whole practice, including the salary certificate.

Unfortunately, this financial has not positively assessed the demand for credit. Thanks to our intervention, we were able to find the solution, guaranteeing the provision of funding!

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